Putting a smile on people’s faces makes our day!

I grew up watching my mother raise hot bread from our kitchen oven. Each morning, we would taste her sweet labour of love. Now as grown man, the idea of cakes and pastries still inspires me. I’m not sure if it’s the kneading of dough or the aroma but you can say I’m definitely hooked on baking.

My fondest memories are those special family occasions… I can still see the happy faces around the table. Just the simple things in life can bring such joy.

Often, my parents would bake too many cookies. And I had to run along to our local bakery to ask for extra lids to keep them fresh. This opened my eyes to a whole new world. It was also at Bakkery Fierens and Barkkery Hoebrechts where I received my training and learnt how to be responsible. I was really grateful for the on-the-job experience. This gave me a head start when I finally graduated from the Antwerp culinary school.

Encouraged by a good friend I took my first bold step and started a breakfast table at the Volkstraat in Antwerp. The first Momade was just a long wooden table filled with wholesome sandwiches and a delicious breakfast. Soon after, I had the opportunity to sell the Momade breakfast table concept. It was a difficult decision but there was something more exciting around the corner, my first love – baking. Momade Cupcakes felt like home. Going back to the basics with quality ingredients, baked fresh every day.

In 2015, we redecorated our store. Along with it, we created an artisan menu of STRONG superfood cookies, macarons, pralines and other goodies. Putting a smile on people’s faces makes our day!